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  2. tattooed-everything said: Hi! I just saw your illustration on eat sleep draw... Im working my way to become an illustrator, and your art is really really inspirational and encouraging <3 Good Job

    Really? Thank you!!


  3. Anonymous said: Hi, do you do art commissions?


    Not “officially” since I don’t have a prices chart or slots like other artists do, but you can always use my email (hello@mariomanzanares.com) or the ask box to request what you want me to do, and I will be very happy to give you prices :)


  4. a-slice-of-eternity said: I love your art! It's flawless! I actually have a question about photoshop and brushes. In one of your picture I saw that your line work looked like pencil. How do you get lines on photoshop to look like pencil?

    Hi! My work is far from flawless but thank you for being so sweet! <3

    There is a lot of ways to emulate the pencil look in Photoshop, and I’m always trying new brushes and experimenting, so I’m not sure which one caught your attention. If you send me another message with it, I could be more specific ;)

    That said, the truth is that I always end up using pretty basic ones that I gathered from artists I admire or even the round default one. With those, the key for a cool “pencil” look would be: Turn pressure opacity ON if the brush is opaque, play with the flow (try around 30%) and don’t be afraid of making fuzzy small brush strokes. Some texture in the pencil would work too.

    If this is not enough for the look you want, there’s two more sophisticated resources that would do the trick:

    I’ve used both of them and Kyle’s are pretty specific and sometimes too aggressive for my style, but very professional and well-done.

    Thanks for your words again, hope it helped!

  5. Daily Sushi process.
    Struggled a little bit with the colors, but I’m happy with the final result.

  6. dailysushi:

    Guest artist:

    Sushi Summer! by Mario Manzanares

    WOW!!! I do not know where in the world is this place but, hey! there is a sushi bar and for only 10 zeni it’s a very good deal for sure. So I’m in. 

    Mario Manzanares is an illustrator from Madrid, Spain and  he, spend all the time drawing and the rest thinking about how to draw better. You can tell that it is time well spent. 

    Find more of Mario's work on his:

    Tumblr - Portfolio - Facebook - Behance

    Muchas gracias Mario.

    Very happy with my new illustration for Daily Sushi!
    Hope you like it as much as I do!

  7. Hay días que solo pueden mejorar: carnet teórico aprobado y esto en mi buzón.

  8. mariomanzanares:

    Ok, before you say I jumped on the bandwagon, let me take a selfie with my batmobile: It’s BATGIRL!!!

    200 notes and counting!! This deserves a process update: 

  9. Ok, before you say I jumped on the bandwagon, let me take a selfie with my batmobile: It’s BATGIRL!!!

  10. This was pretty automatic, but it end up being a little bit like a bitchy gay priest or something. Too much drag race before sleep, I guess. 

    Now sissy that walk (to bed).

  11. Let’s put some colurrrr here!

    (This will help)

  12. #Lineart? #Inking? Me? Unbeliavable!! #drawing

  13. Old old drawing. Why didn’t I finish this?


  14. Just opened a Facebook page for the big community of folks who use FB as their main feed of artists. Will be updating it as much as tumblr, but be sure to like it so you won’t miss anything!